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all we need is time

tonight we'll touch the sky

My name is Gina. This is me:

I hate being cold and I hate being hot. I love the rain and the sun. I sing more than I talk and propose marriage to people out of the blue. I get too attached too fast and for too long. My favorite word is "magic." My favorite way to use it is as an answer to any and every question, and to ask "What is this magic?" when I'm confused or simply am inquiring about something. I'm addicted to chapstick and coffee and I want to have a book published before I'm 20. I write everything and my thought process is more poetic than technical. People tend to be confused by me and the way I look at things. Personally, other people confuse me. All that matters is that my best friends seem to understand and that's enough for me. They know who they are.

Other than that,

figure me out.